Measuring Impact.

Creativity and innovation have the potential to bring novel approaches to solve complex problems in global health and development. These methodologies can have a transformative impact, not only on health and development outcomes, but also on the way that projects are thought about, designed, and delivered. There are also a plethora of intangible benefits from creative problem-solving processes, including improved collaboration between diverse partners, stakeholders gaining new insights on old challenges, and increased local ownership of solutions.

However, there is currently no consistent methodology that captures both the tangible and intangible benefits of creative methods and solutions. In order to better measure and understand the change we seek to achieve in our work, we have developed an impact framework as a way to capture the value of our creative processes and solutions. Through a collaborative and inclusive self-assessment of past work, we have identified key desired impacts that our future projects will work to achieve. To aid in assessing progress toward these outcomes, we have defined a feasible and meaningful range of quantitative and qualitative metrics. The common metrics will allow us to aggregate results across projects to demonstrate the range and magnitude of impact resulting from our innovation and creative processes. The results will also help to drive internal learnings, so that as an organisation we continue to develop and build our capacity to create positive social change.

In the coming years, we look forward to committing further resources towards the development of new creative and innovative methods to gather more quantitative and qualitative data to substantiate our impact. These will range from adopting digitally enabled, rapid ethnographic methods for data capture, to exploring ways to leverage artificial intelligence and data science in our analysis

Impact Framework.

Looking forward.

As a company dedicated to improving the lives of others, it is incumbent upon us to not only work toward developing innovative solutions, but to continually assess and learn from the outcomes. Our first-ever Impact Report serves as an important step on an ongoing journey to continuously examine our work so that we can develop and strive for even greater impact.

We developed our Impact Framework to serve as a foundation to enable us to capture the value that we bring to how programmes are designed and the outcomes they produce. As an organisational standard, the framework will be iterated and operationalised across all of our future projects. The accumulation of this year-over-year data will provide us with a rich tapestry of insights and nuanced understandings to inform decision making around how we work, design solutions, and implement programmes.

By contributing to the evidence around the impact that creative solutions can bring to solving global challenges, we can further establish the value of these approaches and increase their effectiveness. This commitment to reporting will also provide ongoing documentation of our participatory research and design methods to share with practitioners and communities around the world.

Ultimately, this report, and those to come, will continue to ensure that we remain driven by rigor, connected to communities we serve, and accountable to our partners